Tuesday, 12 December 2017

How to improve speaking skills for IELTS exam?

Ielts listening reading writing and speaking all the skills are very important to have a good overall score in the IELTS exam. Today we are considering and learning certain speaking test skills to score the desired bands in the first attempt.

Speaking can be challenging for those candidates who are not used to speak this language much. Speaking skills are developed in a person since childhood and it gets quite difficult for those who are weak in the speaking skills and nit used to communicate in this language much.

Seek Academy provides special sessions for speaking practice where candidates can prefer their speaking skills and are advised to improve their skills with the help of resources which our expert trainers have developed to give them the language skills they require to score good bands with the specially devised vocabulary material given to the students to attain the score what they are looking for.

Our organization is the best institute for IELTS in Delhi. We have well-qualified teachers, Learning atmosphere, Neat and clean classrooms etc.

We suggest you some tips to improve your speaking skills:

Read the content loud

Whatever material you find in English like news paper s or magazines you must read aloud to have that confidence and learn the correct pronunciation if you have a friend or a family member who can listen to your speech so please make them sit there and listen and follow their suggestions.

Make topic-based list of words

Make the topic-based list of the words so that while you speak you remember to use these words appropriately. These words chosen as per the topic would make you remember those words also which you often don’t use but with the help of this list, you would surely remember these words while speaking and writing too.

Practice speaking this language with others

One must practice the language skills with others because the hesitation if you have of any sort, would be overcome by this only. Speaking in this language would make you comfortable in using this language and you would feel confident using this language.

Listen to audio in this language

Listening to this language and understanding the ideas would definitely help you to have the good command of the language and it will help you to understand the correct pronunciation of the words which often confuse.

Record yourself often

One must record himself if you are practicing alone. Recording your voice would make it clear to you that how your speech clarity is and the pace you follow. The fluency is majorly judged on the part 2 cue card. So one must practice and understand the fluency you have. Your pace of the language must be familiar to you.

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