Thursday, 7 June 2018

IELTS Reading Tips

The IELTS reading papers are the same for both academic and general module. The reading skills such as prediction, identifying opinion etc. are the same for both tests. The styles of questions like true-false fill in the blanks, multiple choice questions are also the same.

IELTS Reading Tips
IELTS Reading Tips: Seek Academy

You will not get any extra time to transfer the answers to the answer sheet like you do in the listening test. You will have one hour to complete 40 questions and write your answers on the answer sheet.

IELTS experts from Seek Academy, have discussed the below reading tips to improve the score.

    1.     Scanning and skimming: Skimming means reading a passage quickly to get a  general idea and underline any keywords. Scanning is your ability to locate the information quickly.

    2.     Speed of reading: Time is the biggest enemy in this test. You must develop your speed reading skills to find out the answers quickly.

    3.     Don’t worry if you don’t understand every word. Focus on the word that is related to the question and doesn’t worry about the meaning of every word.

    4.     Read instructions very carefully. If you don’t follow the instructions you will get questions wrong.

    5.     Keywords: you should learn to spot the keywords and use them correctly. Some keywords are dates, names, years, places, numbers etc.

    6.     Grammar: Questions like fill in the blanks require that the sentence has to be grammatically correct. This means that grammar can help you to spot the correct answer.

    7.     Leave difficult questions for the end: Don’t waste too much time on questions that you find difficult. Focus on the questions that you find easier.

    8.     Make sure you don’t go over the word limit for each gap.

    9.     Make sure if select ‘true’ then the whole sentence must be true. When all the details are not ‘true’, then the answer will be ‘false’.

    10.  Practice: this is the best way to use your time before exam.  Practice doing lots of reading tests. This way you will notice your strengths and weaknesses and you will be able to divide your time well.

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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

IELTS Coaching Center in Delhi: Seek Academy

The International English Language Test (IELTS) assesses the English language proficiency of people who want to study or work where English is used as a language of communication.

There is a choice of Academic and General Modules. Candidates are assessed on four skills, which are reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Seek Academy provides the best IELTS training in Delhi and provides the extensive coaching to the candidates who want to score the desired band in the first attempt.
It is a well-established institute which is known for its well-structured infrastructure and personalized training program. They value nothing more than performance with excellence.

     ·        British Council certified faculty members.
     ·        Extensive study material
     ·        Comprehensive IELTS program
     ·        Unique study approach
     ·        Free Vocabulary classes
     ·        Personalized feedback sessions
     ·        Well-equipped library
     ·        Excellent infrastructure

Seek Academy is known for its authenticity and transparency with the high level of satisfaction among students. Our institute works on creative methodologies which help students to achieve 7+ bands in IELTS. We are the best IELTS Coaching Center in Delhi and we are always there to guide the students.

IELTS Coaching Center in Delhi

We are a house of hundreds of sample question papers and also provide a platform to online test series where the student can take the test and get prompt results. We also have a facility to a well-equipped library for our students to access reference books.

We help you to develop high skills in all the four fields. Here we also help you to brush up your language skills by our IELTS experts. Our focus is to prepare you academically with boosting up your confidence to cope up in a new environment.
We have experienced staff with a proven success record.

Our counselors provide you with detailed information so that you can choose the best for yourself.

We understand that every individual is different and so their requirements from IELTS training program. That is the reason we have formulated different batches to allow you to choose what is right for yourself.

We provide the flexibility of time. The students are welcome to come at their own flexible timings. The trainers are available in the center to monitor and train the students.

Small batches are another quality of Seek Academy. We believe in catering to meet the individual needs of all the students. We focus on individual students, so we do not have big batches.

We provide a perfect environment to facilitate students and help them achieve the requirements.

Busy professionals can opt for weekend classes. Weekend classes provide a tailor-made course in IELTS training to meet the convenient timings of professionals.
Students get all the study material through an email.

We also provide full-length mock tests created by actual test developers to get real-time test experience. We provide a series of mock tests for improving the IELTS scores.

Question by question feedback and doubt clearing sessions are provided by our experts to correct even minor mistakes. There are certified trainers who guide the students throughout the training by taking their assessments regularly.

We always offer an updated course curriculum as we stay updated with the changes of IELTS exam pattern.

To make the training more relevant, we offer a customized training module to all the students who come from the different walks of lives.

Our institute provides ample practice time to help the students to understand the concepts better and this makes us unique from other IELTS training institutes.

Thursday, 22 March 2018


Seek Academy offers rigorous training sessions on speaking skills and there are certain guidelines which would definitely be helpful for the students looking forward to scoring the desired bands.

If you are planning to take the IELTS test then it’s time to practice your speaking skills. You must be aware that the speaking section is the shortest part of the entire examination process. It is conducted anywhere from 11 minutes time to 14 minutes length. The IELTS speaking test is dividing into three parts. 

Seek academy is the Best IELTS Institute in Delhi conducts training sessions to make the dream of the students come true.

Part 1.  

This part of the interview is like a warm-up session. This interview would be conducted for 4 to 5 minutes and it includes your introduction to the interviewer and there would be a small talk that is based on three topics and 2 questions approximately based on these topics are asked. The general topics could be anything like home, family, music, friends, relatives, mobiles etc.

Part 2.

Part 2 is called the long turn .you would be given a cue card and you are supposed to plan on that topic for a minute and speak for 2 minutes on that .one must consider the tense first in which the person is supposed to answer and expected to note down the vocabulary you would be using while explaining the topic.

IELTS Speaking Practice
IELTS Speaking Practice

Generally, it would be a description based on past tense, so one must be well accustomed to answering in the particular tense and using error-free sentences with good and relevant sentence structure. One must cover the entire sub-points mentioned in the cue card.

Part 3. 
Part 3 is the discussion which, one has to answer based on the questions asked by the examiner related to the cue card. The discussion part requires you to speak and justify your agreement or disagreement in a reasonable manner. Your command on the language, the vocabulary you incorporate the reasons and examples you quote matter a lot in achieving the desired scores.
The IELTS uses four parameters to assess your speaking skills:

1. Fluency and coherence: a parameter to measure your fluency clearly and logically.
2. Lexical resources: The range of vocabulary one uses. It includes synonyms, antonyms, a range of words and topic appropriate vocabulary.
3. Grammatical range: One must incorporate good sentence structure to get the desired results.
4. Pronunciation: the parameter to measure your articulation and intonation.

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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Understanding IELTS Test Formats

IELTS test is a 2 hours 45 minutes test, which analysis a candidate receptive skills and productive skills. This examination is for non-native speakers who are planning for study or work in an English speaking country. IELTS is acceptable in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and all other European countries.

Our institute gives an excellent result. We believe if you will join Seek Academy then you will get excellent results.

IELTS Exam Format

There are two modules: Academic & General.

Academic: It is intended to those who are planning to get admissions in universities and colleges in an English speaking country.

General: It is intended to those who are planning to work for immigration purpose. There are four sections for IELTS test, whether if in Academic or General. 

1. Listening - It’s a 30 minutes test. There will be 4 sections. You will have to answer 40 questions. 10 minutes extra time will be given to transferring ensures.

     2.  Reading - It’s a 1-hour test. There will 3 Comprehension followed by some questions in each. Candidates have to deal with total 40 questions in this session. 
     Academic: The passage will be tougher based on scientific topics.
General: The passages will be easier.

IELTS Coaching in Delhi
IELTS Coaching in Delhi

3. Writing – It is also a 1-hour test. There will be 2 tasks. Task 1 will be for 20 minutes and task 2 will be for 40 minutes.

Academic: Task-1 – Write a report a given graph, diagram, pie-chart etc in 150 words.

General: Task - 1 – Write a letter in 150 words. Letter type will be formal, Informal or semi-formal.

Task – 2 will be an essay for both Academic and General word limit in 250 words.

      4.     Speaking: It is 10 to 14 minutes test. There will be a one to one intersection between the examiner and the candidate. It consists of 3 sections.

Part- A – Introduction and general topics.
Part- B – Topic card – 2 minutes speech.
Part- C – Discussion related to the topic card. 

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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

How to improve speaking skills for IELTS exam?

Ielts listening reading writing and speaking all the skills are very important to have a good overall score in the IELTS exam. Today we are considering and learning certain speaking test skills to score the desired bands in the first attempt.

Speaking can be challenging for those candidates who are not used to speak this language much. Speaking skills are developed in a person since childhood and it gets quite difficult for those who are weak in the speaking skills and nit used to communicate in this language much.

Seek Academy provides special sessions for speaking practice where candidates can prefer their speaking skills and are advised to improve their skills with the help of resources which our expert trainers have developed to give them the language skills they require to score good bands with the specially devised vocabulary material given to the students to attain the score what they are looking for.

Our organization is the best institute for IELTS in Delhi. We have well-qualified teachers, Learning atmosphere, Neat and clean classrooms etc.

We suggest you some tips to improve your speaking skills:

Read the content loud

Whatever material you find in English like news paper s or magazines you must read aloud to have that confidence and learn the correct pronunciation if you have a friend or a family member who can listen to your speech so please make them sit there and listen and follow their suggestions.

Make topic-based list of words

Make the topic-based list of the words so that while you speak you remember to use these words appropriately. These words chosen as per the topic would make you remember those words also which you often don’t use but with the help of this list, you would surely remember these words while speaking and writing too.

Practice speaking this language with others

One must practice the language skills with others because the hesitation if you have of any sort, would be overcome by this only. Speaking in this language would make you comfortable in using this language and you would feel confident using this language.

Listen to audio in this language

Listening to this language and understanding the ideas would definitely help you to have the good command of the language and it will help you to understand the correct pronunciation of the words which often confuse.

Record yourself often

One must record himself if you are practicing alone. Recording your voice would make it clear to you that how your speech clarity is and the pace you follow. The fluency is majorly judged on the part 2 cue card. So one must practice and understand the fluency you have. Your pace of the language must be familiar to you.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Cheapest IELTS course in Delhi: Seek Academy

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. As the name implies it is basically an English test for testing the proficiency of the language in an individual. The test system is jointly managed by the British Council, IDP education ltd and University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations and more than 1 million candidates are taking the exam all over the world.        

The test has two versions:
1. Academic
2. General training

The academic version is for people who plan to continue their higher education by enrolling in universities in countries like US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand etc. The academic institutions in these countries consider the IELTS score as criteria for the admission process.

General training is mostly for immigration purposes in countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Canada etc. It may also be used for work experience or training in a non-academic field.

Our institute is providing the cheapest IELTS course in Delhi.

IELTS is the world’s most popular English Test for higher education and global migration.

Educational institutions, employers, professional bodies and government immigration agencies often require proof of English language skills as part of their recruitment or admission procedures, IELTS is widely accepted for these purposes.

IELTS is designed to test the language ability of people who want to study or work where English is used as the language of communication.
IELTS is the only secure English language Test approved by UK visas and immigration for visa customers applying both outsides and inside the UK. It is also a requirement for immigration to Australia and New Zealand.
IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training are designed to cover the full range of ability from non-user to expert user.

The Academic version is for test takers who want to study at a higher level in an English speaking country or seek professional registration. The general training version is for the test takers who want to work, train, study at a secondary school or migrate to an English speaking country.

The IELTS writing exam involves two writing passages in an hour. Task 1 has 25% weightage. Task 1 must be written n 150 words and task 2 would be at least 250 words. On the academic test, the academic test task 1 includes the charts, graphs, diagrams and other visual prompts.

Task 2 is a formal academic essay. On the general training IELTS, test takers write a letter of 150 words and task 2 essays must be written in at least 250 words. The purpose of writing the letter i.e. to complain, request, information etc. provided in the prompts. Task 2 can be opinion based or agreement disagreement or a discussion essay.

There are certain parameters which an examinee must take care of before writing the essay or the letter. There are four parameters which are assessed by the examiner and these are explained in the further paragraphs.


The basic parameter to assess an essay is its grammar .writing error free will not make you score 7+. You ought to incorporate error-free sentences but you must apply complex sentence structure in an essay, conditional statements, and passive sentence structure. When one includes these sentence patterns they certainly score above 7 bands. It is quite evident that the sentence structure must be reasonable and relevant.

Lexical Resources

The lexical resources mean the vocabulary one uses to explain one's point of view. The choice of words indicates your command on the language. The candidate is expected to use many synonyms and if the words are repeated then it reflects the limitations of word power one has. The examiner wants you to use appropriate topic-based vocabulary. So one must practice the topic based words to be highlighted and used in the essay. If the topic is based on the environment, crime, fashion, technology so one must be well accustomed to understand the question properly and use some different words to while explaining their ideas while writing the essay.

Seek academy situated at Tilak Nagar, Delhi. You should come to our place and get more information about courses and batch timings.

The next aspect is a range of vocabulary. It signifies the in-depth knowledge of the candidate in this language, that shows that the candidate is well aware of the usage of one word in different manners .that means one word as an adjective, adverb, verb or as a noun as well.

Incorporating at least one or two words like this would definitely make your score a desirable one. If one wants to be in the category of an expert user so one has to reflect the language understanding in the essay.

Coherence and cohesion

It implies that the language transition within the paragraph must be excellent and it ought to be reflected from the language used in the passage. Coherence indicates the layout of the passage and the linking of the different passages in the essay.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Seek Academy : The best IELTS Institue in Delhi

Best Coaching for IELTS in Delhi will guide the students and teach them effective ways to learn and understand economics. Properly understanding and learning will help the student in exams and they won’t forget anything. Seek Academy will tell students as to how to attempt properly with diagrams which will ensure high marks.

Best Institute for IELTS in West Delhi is one of the finest and reputed centers in the field of IELTS. Coaching has so many types of educational program for the students which help them in easy and fast learning of their subject and give the best results. All types of student queries and doubts are cleared by the faculty and staff, whenever they face any problem. If the student still does not understand an assignment, then teacher personally attend the student and solve their query.

Here, The faculty tries to make a good bond with students, so that students can ask as many as questions regarding the subject from the teacher without any hesitation. Best Institute for IELTS in Delhi has a very genuine teacher-student ratio so that every student gets full attention and can participate in a debate.

Teachers will make you understand every details and knowledge which you must know while studying English. Teachers are very patient and devoted towards their students. They never get hyper if students ask so many questions again and again. They even provide you the smart studies with the live examples which make a student understand their subject easy. Come and visit Best Coaching for IELTS in Delhi of and get the best education.

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